Whatever and whenever you are, we can get it!!..

Though it was a dream to fly in the sky, it becomes a reality. It is a clear evidence that any one can achieve whatever he had imagined. He can do over what he even planned as well. Human being naturally accomplishes many things in his life. He was created to achieve a goal. He was a child able to do nothing other than crying for pain or hunger. Then, he grows to be a youth. Unlike his childhood, he can express himself either by saying his thoughts or doing his works. How different!! He changes from doing nothing to doing many, even inventing and creating what no one else has previously done, too. Therefore, you, as a human, should build in yourself that you can surely do what you want but under conditions. You should build a good relationship with your creator, the Almighty. He is only Who can help you in achieving your aims by his will. Then, you should believe in your capacity and power in managing your works. By planning correctly , you will start steps of achieving the goal.  In brief, YOU ARE ABLE TO ACIEVE WHATEVER YOU WANT AND DREAM… 

Ymn pearl






بواسطة Чmŋ ρεαяŁღ نشرت في Hopeful

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