Talk to Self

When you shout of severity, agony and injustice, and then shed a lot of tears down of your eyes for feeling subdued, raise your hands to sky and talk to yourself. You will get a light.

When you let your sins block you for seeing the light, you will supplicate and you call, ‘Who is the creator of the world?’

When you follow every way and find them obstructed alleys, and knock all doors and find them close, you will know that there one door always is open inviting you to the world of recluse. 

 Look! When you need any thing you will seek help to the unseen force  called, “Allah”. It means you confess that the Almighty alone is  one who can help you. Also, that means you love Allah because when you love any person, you will tell him about your problems asking him to help you, but this love is deficient because you don’t refuge to Allah except in problems. You don’t ask yourself what good deeds I should do to make Allah respond my call; however, Allah answers our prayer and supplication to reflect His mercy upon us.                                                           

     Although all of us must love Allah, we fail to express our true love towards that. You must know that love to Allah requires leaving anything which make Allah angry, don’t be guilty and adopt the way that draws the mercy and blessings of the almighty,  Allah. you must obey Him and follow every thing which He legislated. The disobedience is a sign that shows that your love towards Him is either  false or deficient. In other words, you must know that love to Allah is the highest worship in the world. The holy Qura’an announces that one who loves Allah , Allah loves him and he is never put into trouble that is anticipated here. If your love to Allah is weak or somehow not properly devoted, your work/deed will fly with the smallest wind blow. Try to be honest with  what you believe and  act accordingly; don’t be treacherous.. O Allah, enable me to face the challenges of the time and allow me to come to the world of second life in such a way that you  might ask, ” what do you want?”


2 comments on “Talk to Self

  1. Yes, dear Allah the Allmighty ,is sososo Great. I know someone who is not that religious person or not that close to Allah, but because he asks Allah his forgiveness and makes (Istighfar) in his free time, and he asks Allah for his satsfaction, he got Whwat he wants in his daily life. What I mean is that when you have a good relationship with someone you want something from him , surely you will find your needs. And to Allah is the higher example or case. Allah is Merciful and You all know.

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