To Get Your Rest!!

Establishing Allah’s oneness and obeying His commands help the busy and absorbed people get united. One’s life is ranging between solving his problems and planning his future. He wants to get every thing and overcome all challenges. He may also fight all people around him. He walks in his way ignoring what his creator has sent him for. Allah sends mankind to be His caliphs in this life. He created all human being to worship him by obeying and implementing his orders. Therefore, when a person does not perform what Allah orders him, he surely lives in darkness and weariness. On the other hand, when he surrenders to the Almighty’s will, he will win the tranquility of mind. He will pleased with Allah’s fate. He is going to make his praying the most powerful relationship with the Almighty. Then, he, instead of fighting others, will lock his fingers with their hands to build a one unity which representing ISLAMIC NATION. 

                               Ymn Pearl 

بواسطة Чmŋ ρεαяŁღ نشرت في Hopeful

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