Women are superior

World has many creatures which Allah created. Human who Allah honors from others is the best. Human mean the people who construct the earth. People live inside family and any family start with father and mother. Father and mother have great mission in their life. Both of them should build a good generation with a good moral and belief. Father paid a lot of effort to give his children their important needs such as house, food, and clothes. Mother makes pledge to pawn her life for her family. However, the responsibility of mother is more difficult than the responsibility of father. Women are superior to men in two ways: in taking care of her children and in her compassion which makes her children close to her.


First, mother spends her time in taking care of her children. She lives around her children to learn them many principles and behaviors. On the other hand, she takes care with their appearance. She washes their clothes, cleans the house, and prepares food. She works hard until she sees her children become able to build other family.

Generally, mother’s life is among her children and for taking care of them.


Moreover, mother has motherhood emotion which it is compassion. Mother can’t be hard on her children even if they are hard with her. She is often as a friend with them. She feels with their suffering and appreciates their effort. If her child is afraid or worried, it is enough to sit on his mother’s lap and he will be comfortable.

Mother is the compassion chest/heart which we come back to.   


Mother is costly treasure and she deserves more. We should appreciate her effort. There for, Allah gives mother great reword. May Allah protect our mothers and bless them…

written by:

ymn pearl


2 comments on “Women are superior

  1. I will just say few words. You can’t feel the meaning of the word MOTHER unless you :
    -Be a mother.
    – Lose your mother(God forbid).
    -Live a way from her.
    May Allah protectour mothers and grant them health.

    • U r right. I appreciated that when I become alone. I realized how her enthusiastic words or hug can push me to do the best..

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