Real land

One day, in aimless thinking, I went to my dream land that I always go to. I started swimming in my imaginary achievements that I don’t still accomplish in my real land. yes, I do achieve a pit of my goals but I’m still in the beginning whereas I did a lot in my dream land. A charming twinkle appeared and called me. It attracted my inner feeling since it will be a step for over coming my shortages. It became nearer and closer to me. I looked at it with many questions that I hoped to hear the answers. The twinkle stood and asked me for enjoying the round trips of improving and changing. A fear and joy moments are shared. By thinking and consulting great persons who encouraged me to walk after that twinkle, I registered my name in the charming way which has no limit for one’s capacity. Now, I’m living my dreams in my real land…  


“Believe in your dreams and in your capacity for achieving them…”

بواسطة Чmŋ ρεαяŁღ نشرت في Hopeful

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