Student’s disturbance

Students come confusedly to the university in the exam’s days. There are lots of things occur to their mind: proving their ability, achieving their aim and building a great future. They inter the class afraid. they are either progressing one step or retreating one hundred steps. If they success, their motivation and incentive will continue a crossing difficulties and achieving the target. These are as a one step. In contrary, if they fail, the depression and frustration will dominate their mind. they will lose their self-confidence which  it is difficult to return, and the desire of achieving their aims will start vanishing. It is time consuming for one’s effort and age. Therefore, we will focus on some factors and solutions for disturbing students in the exam’s days.


Confusion is something normal, but it is not if it controls all body’s senses. It has many factors for: students are perhaps in fear of the teacher, unexpected exam and failure’s agony, especially that the family, teachers and society are used to blaming students if they fail. They do not look for the reasons of this failure. In addition, some of students may have some nervous problems which make them anxious quickly when they face any stress or difficulties.


There are some points for solving this problem: for example, reminding  students to remember Allah, the teacher should enter before distributing exam’s paper and uttering encouragement words.


Finally, worry, anxiety and confusion are problems can be gotten rid of by trusting with Allah more, and satisfying with Allah’s fate. Then, students have to be aware that the exam is not mean for annoying them. It is for evaluating their hard working that they paid.

The most important thing which the students have to know that there is no thing deserve to fall dawn for other than fear and dread of Allah, and working for their end…



However I hate exams’ days soooooooooooo much

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