Ramadan’s days


Ramadan is the 9th month of hijri year.  it is a month which all Muslims around the world respond to their Sharia’h, religion. They perform some worships which they don’t do in other months like fasting, praying Tarawih and paying Zakah.

They fast all the day until the sunset of the sun. they become closer to their creator. Through a day, they keep reading the Qura’an and restrain their body from bad behaviors.

In addition, they pray Tarawih  prayer after E’sha’a prayer. Muslims either go to perform them in the mosque or do them at home. However, the best for men to pray at the mosque.

Moreover, rich Muslims should help poor ones by paying Al-Zakah. It is a duty for all Muslims who have money because all Muslims are as one body. They should stand with each other, help who is in need and so on.   

Ramadan is a gift from Allah to repent and return back to the right road that we ignore these days. Paradise is opened for Muslims who hold the instructions of Islam. We should change our selves and make this Ramadan is a point of changing. We must become as our prophet Mohamed, our best example. Let’s all perform worships to get what Allah promise us, it is the paradise…

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