Recording messages!

Whatever problem we pass through, we can’t keep our sadness up.

Me and my sisters find a way to have fun. 

Staying together pushes the bad mood away. YAY How GREAT we are! 

Sometimes, we behave like kids, throwing pillows, fighting to do things firsts, and teasing each others.

Today, we did the funniest thing ever. We discovered that each one of us has recorded her voice in the mobile recorder. One of us was singing  with fearing voice to ensure that no one around could hear her. 

The second one was broadcasting a program to show it up for my mom.  Not only that but she also was recording my little brother while he is imitating her in speaking korean.

Me I was the funniest among them. I got angry from them so I recorded a complaint to my mom.

I was talking in a funny way  describing the bad mood what I got because of my sisters.

We had fun in our own ways. 

2 comments on “Recording messages!

  1. ههههههههههـ بس أنآ هآآ؟ 😀

    أجل بووكرآآ أنززل التسجيلآآت كوولهآآ <~ اقفلي المدونة أحسن :S

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