!My 3rd experince speaks up

Here I’m again to tell you about my 3rd erperince, I skip talking about the 2nd one and I will talk about the 2nd one later on.

In the 2nd of July, I started teaching at Direct English Institute. I taught kids for about month and a half. They were divived into 2 levels: Safari 3 and 2. The number of Ss in Safari 3 were just 7 while they were more than 26 in Safari 2. There were 2 different courses for each Safari.

Before starting the courses, we made an open day. It was to let kids enjoy their time and to be familiar with the institute and its stuff.

After meeting lots of kids, I felt happy and worried at the same time. It was because I really wanted to teach them in a different way. Teaching kids were not as easy as I thought. A teacher should keep much more energy to manage the class, explain the lesson, have fun with them and to discipline them corectly. استمر في القراءة